Are we going to say it’s against their human rights to lock them up at all?

We’re playing with people’s lives.’ Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper accused the Government of failing to do enough to resist the court’s demands.

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But if he fails to deliver he will further enrage Tory MPs, who recently voted to reject a European Court ruling that prisoners should have the right to vote.

He spoke out after the Supreme Court, which is England’s highest court, ruled that rapists and paedophiles must have the right to be removed from the national sex offenders register if they can prove they are no longer a threat to children.

Homeless sex offenders who claim they have ‘no fixed abode’ will have to tell the police every week where they are staying.

Mrs May also aims to close the loophole that means sex offenders can avoid staying on the register if they change their name by deed poll.

Victims groups reacted with fury to the Supreme Court ruling.

Andrew Flanagan, chief executive of the NSPCC, said: ‘Adults who sexually abuse children should stay on the offenders’ register for life as we can never be sure their behaviour will change.’ Lyn Costello, from Mothers Against Murder And Aggression, said: ‘I wonder what’s next?Such a Bill, if implemented, would contain a series of non-negotiable declarations about the rights of the individual accompanied by their responsibilities.The idea would be to deter vexatious claims from serial litigants or criminals attempting to exploit human rights laws for their own personal profit.Supporters of the move say the Bill would help restore ‘common sense’ to judicial rulings.The idea is to enshrine in legislation the principle of individual responsibility alongside rights – allowing courts to kick out vexatious claims by dubious individuals, such as serial litigants or criminals.It would also seek to protect important liberties – such as the right to trial by jury – to prevent them being removed by future governments.