Project Manager, Director of Canadian Operations, Mc Millen Panelists Climate Change and the Northwest Hydropower System Moderator: Gordon Grant, Research Hydrologist, US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station Panelists Columbia River Storage Treaty: Potential for Change to the Cooperative Management of the Columbia River by the United States and Canada Moderator: , General Counsel, Northwest Power & Conservation Council Panelists Thursday, February 21 America’s Least Wanted Moderator: , Hydroelectric Program Director, ERM Panelists Fish Passage Facility Team Design and Construction Moderator: John Esler, Clackamas Project Manager, Portland General Electric Panelists: (On CD by Request) Lease of Power Privilege on Reclamation Facilities Moderator/Presenter: , Director, Technical Resources, US Bureau of Reclamation Presenters 2012 Small Hydro Workshop Presentations Below are presentations given at the 2012 Small Hydro Workshop held on September 13-14, 2012.

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Tuesday, February 19 Clean Hydro Ad Campaign Terry Flores, Executive Director, Northwest River Partners To Do, or Not to Do, That is the Question Moderator: Jim Holeman, Principal, Holeman Panelists Creative Partnering with Law Enforcement Moderator: Michele Drake, Hydro Compliance Coordinator, Avista Corporation Panelists FERC Observations Ben Tansey, Editor, Re Licensing Review, Energy News Data Biological Opinions & Endangered Species Act Consultation – A “How To” Guide for Working with Agencies on ESA Issues Moderator: Lewis Wardle, FERC Licensing Coordinator, Idaho Power Company Panelists The Reality of Risk: Dam Safety in the 21st Century Moderator: , Water Resources Program Manager, URS Energy & Construction, Inc.

Panelists Wednesday, February 20 Keynote Address: Hydro’s Role in Energy Policy Senator Ron Wyden, Chairman, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Set Your Sites on New Hydro Moderator: Matt Steuerwalt, Senior Vice President, Strategies 360 Panelists Northern Lights – Getting Hydro Work Done in Remote Locations Moderator: , Sr.

Click on the presenters name to download and view the presentation. Welcome: John Esler, Portland General Electric, NWHA President a.m.

Legislative/Regulatory Update , Van Ness Feldman, DC , Van Ness Feldman, Seattle Learn about the latest legislation and regulation coming out of Washington DC and our NW State Capitols that will affect our industry and its future…streamlining the FERC process, transmission legislation, and other changes. Downstream Fish Passage – Reports from the Field Moderator: Mike Garello, HDR , Tacoma Power , Portland General Electric , Pacifi Corp For many NW hydroelectric projects, ensuring safe and timely migration of salmon past their dams is one of our biggest and most costly challenges.

Because of the large file sizes of some of the presentations, they are only available on CD.

To request a copy of the 2013 Annual Conference Presentations CD Contact .Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil Steven Potter, Voith Hydro Kirby Mohr, Mohr Separations Research, Inc. Ryan Cook, Seattle City Light Friday, May 24, 2013 Randy White, OSHA Bruce Meaker, PE Principal Engineer, PUD No.1 of Snohomish County 2013 NWHA Annual Conference Papers and Presentations The following files represent presentations provided on February 19-21 at the 2011 NWHA Annual Conference.Don Jarrett, Mc Millen LLC Jason Mc Lauchlin, PCL Construction Services High Pressure Hydraulics – Bearing Puller Safety Rob King, SPX Hydraulic Technologies Rough Load Zone Characterization Garrett Smith, ED&T Corp. Where available, click on a speaker’s name to view or download a file of that speaker’s presentations and papers.Recently constructed fish passage facilities have dramatically raised the expectation of fish guidance around some of the NW’s high-head dams. Transmission Interconnection Agreements Moderator: Jan Lee, NWHA , Pacifi Corp , Central Oregon Irrigation District , Bonneville Power Administration , Element Power Is this the final hurdle for success or the last straw that kills a project?This panel of fisheries experts will share their respective organizations recent experiences and plans for the future. How do project developers overcome the challenges faced landing a transmission interconnection agreement? FERC Licensing in the Rear View Mirror – “Successes, regrets, and lost opportunities” Moderator: Patti Kroen, URS Bruce Meaker, (recently of) Snohomish PUD Doug Cramer, (recently of) Portland General Electric Ralph Torres, (recently of) California Department of Water Resources Utility project managers who have recently stepped down from the day-to-day FERC licensing business have a great story to tell.They will share the genesis of the funds, their experience implementing them, and what they might do differently in the future. Adjourn 2013 Small Hydro Workshop Presentations Below are presentations given at the 2013 Small Hydro Workshop held on Septemb Below are presentations given at the 2013 Small Hydro Workshop held on September 12-13, 2013, Riverhouse Convention Center, Bend, Oregon.