But 2015 might be the year that changes: Insiders say Sandra, 50, may be ready to meet her match.

He related, “At Dream Works, if you go in and meet with them and say, ‘I have this great Scottish accent I want to do for this character,’ they’ll say, ‘No, no, no. We already cast you based on interviews you’ve done.’ When I got ‘The Croods,’ it was because they had animated an interview that I had done.” Asked about his most memorable voice performances in animated films, Ryan replied, “I loved Bob Newhart in ‘The Rescuers.’ That stuck with me as a kid.

I didn’t even know who Bob Newhart was at the time.

“Some people are comfortable having a one-year relationship and then going into another one-year relationship, then another,” the actor added. To each his own; different strokes for different folks. I don’t know if that’s from upbringing, nature or nurturing.” Ryan’s parents, Jim and Tammy Reynolds, have an enduring marriage but, he said, “I don’t necessarily use my parents as an example. He and Sue (full name: Susan) have a wonderful life together. D.” He’d jump at the chance to work again with another friend, Sandra Bullock, if the right script came along.

I have friends who have very successful, long-running relationships and I see value in that. That’s something I look up to and aspire for.” He became friends with Jeff after film ing their action-comedy, “R. “I would love to do another movie with Sandra,” he said of his costar in the hit “The Proposal.” “We’ve talked about it.

The breakup devastated her and made her more cautious about falling in love again.

“She is not one to jump from one relationship into another,” the pal says.She's doing her absolute best to hold her head high and act as if she's not bothered, but the truth is, she's very hurt."The source also mentioned how well things were going.Sandra had even started to get her hopes up that the relationship would last.And when I heard Mike Myers do ‘Shrek,’ he just nailed that.” Motorcycle buff According to the actor, he is not a racer in real life. When Ryan was spotted kissing Blake in Boston, it was clear things with Sandra were over! Ever since her former husband Jesse James publicly destroyed their marriage, we've been rooting for her to get with a good guy who wouldn't break her heart again.The source claims these two have been friends for a decade, and their friendship is strictly platonic -- even though they're both single now.