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In a true democracy, citizens' rights are decided based on majority vote.

Although key characteristics of democracy include freedom and equality under the law, democracies must be legislated by strict checks and balances in order to avoid becoming oppressive of minorities.

– Wayne Rooney [WPGP gif_id=”1536″ width=”600″] 16.

I just hate losing and that gives you an extra determination to work harder.

I want to live long after my records have fallen, long after my rings have tarnished.” – Ray Lewis39.

“I’m older, of course I’m older, that’s the beauty of it. Different level of wisdom, different level of understanding, different level of punishment.

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“To be the best and stay there, sweat is necessary.” – Ray Lewis32. “When something goes wrong, smile, cause there’s always a next play.” – Ray Lewis35. No matter what you do, don’t waste talent.” – Ray Lewis36. Dan is a young ambitious guy who has been researching self-development for the past two years and is now off travelling the world.

This attitude comes across in many of his glorious quotes, and is the reason why he’s considered to be the greatest middle line-backing player in the history of NFL. That’s what I tell people all the time.” – Ray Lewis4. 1 thing that I’ve learned is that we’re supposed to help people through this world.” – Ray Lewis5. “You have to be careful of people who like to talk a big game but can’t back it up.” – Ray Lewis16.

Check out this list of strong willed and inspirational Ray Lewis Quotes, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family, as always using the share bars on this page. “Some people take certain things and they try to forget what that pain felt like. I take that same pain and I chase it every time I walk in a weight room.” – Ray Lewis2. If you believe in God, believe in God; have your faith in him. “If there’s something in your life that you know needs changing, make sure you change it before God’s got to change it. I like to see people who are involved with The Lord.” – Ray Lewis8. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone’s life, that’s the ultimate vision, that’s the ultimate goal – bottom line.” – Ray Lewis 10. “Don’t let your alarm clock, be the only reason you wake up.” – Ray Lewis13. “Nobody’s as serious about health and fitness as me, and staying fit is my top priority.” – Ray Lewis17. “In any war, you put your back to mine, I put my back to yours, and let’s do what we gotta do.” – Ray Lewis19.

The technical skills, IQ and talent needed to compete at the World Cup or Premier League level is inspiring.