I KNOW THY WORKS 'To the angel of the church in Ephesus--in Thyatira--in Sardis--in Philadelphia--in Laodicea write: I know thy works.' 'I know thy works.' These are the words of Him who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, and whose eyes are like a flame of fire.As He looks upon the churches, the first thing He sees and judges of is--the works.

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He distinguishes between them of whom he had spoken...

In the late 1800s, the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska's Yukon Territory captured the world's imagination.

Some of the reasons we felt that that investing in these mines could be a good idea include: Most of the large and small gold mines operating in the US are located in Alaska The gold in Alaska is far from being mined out Many recent innovations in technology make mining gold easier than ever...

Paul encourages believers in 1 Corinthians to follow after love and to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit.

God loves to tell us specific information about people that we wouldn't naturally know on our own!

God has been known to reveal birthdates, anniversaries, family nicknames, pet names, and even bank account numbers at times!

the angel was called the Minister of Finance for the Kingdom, and showed him the abundant, supernatural provision of God that is available to help people achieve their destinies.

Interview with Shawn Bolz: Phone interview with Shawn Bolz - April 10, 2008 Interview with Ken Storey: Phone interview with Ken Storey - April 13, 2008 Interview with Chad Taylor: "Wealth in First Nation's Lands" "Prophetic Overview" Insight Trading Forecast - December 18, 2012 IWI Good Stocks for Bad Times - July 2012 IWI Ultra Short ETFs an ETNs - June 2012 IWI Phase 1 Money Flow Watch List - June 2012 Holy Spirit Investment Club - May 19, 2012 (Audio) Holy Spirit Investment Club - May 12, 2012 (Audio) Holy Spirit Investment Club - May 19, 2012 (Video) The Kingdom Wealth Internship is designed to train and equip Christians to excel in the field of business and finance.

Specifically, graduates are equipped to: a) Invest intelligently (includes personal financial planning, investing in the stock and commodities markets) and b) Start and/or grow their own businesses.