If this does not work, or the font a trial or subscription font, please send us a support request.To make sure Sky Fonts is functioning properly, please try to install a free font from one of the font provider sites: any of the Google Fonts should work for this test.Facebook uses Segoe UI for the Windows version of their desktop website, and the Apple-made San Francisco font for the mac OS version.

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It has its own unique style expressed through softened geometric forms that are light and elegant.

Plus check out that lowercase ‘g’ – that’s a piece of design all it’s own. Once you’ve downloaded and incorporated one of these free fonts into your design work, don’t forget to show the designer some love.

(which contains blue, black and white tones), Twitter uses a bright blue hue as its primary brand color.

You can find out more about Twitter’s Brand Guidelines here.

Lucida Grande and Helvetica Neue are no longer used.

While Twitter has also defaulted to system fonts for their mobile apps (as most social networks do), using the San Francisco font for both i OS and Android, the desktop versions of the website use Helvetica Neue.

had a facelift—revitalizing its building and identity—it also engaged designer Chester Jenkins to create a contemporary sans serif font that is available free for public use. describes his Radnika font as a “workhorse type.” It is a multi-purpose typeface that bridges the gap between the strong and expressive nineteenth-century typefaces and the fine and stern twentieth-century typefaces. designed Higher for a student project and has since offered it for free public use.

Ideal for headlines, Higher is elongated with the identifying forms of each letter condensed to the upper or lower section of each character.

You can read more about Pinterest’s Brand Guidelines here.

Strangely enough, the font used on the desktop web version of Snapchat is a little different to most social networks, as most tend to revert to whatever the default system font is, as mentioned earlier. Interestingly enough, the fonts used on Instagram vary depending on the default system font of that OS at the time — it’s automatically detected.

created Moka as a modern display type for a coffee logo.